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Criminal Defense

Tucson Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Alejandro Munoz

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a terrifying and life-altering experience that calls for immediate action. Arizona has some of the strictest laws of all the states and has a reputation for pursuing maximum jail and prison sentences. It is crucial to hire an experienced and qualified Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney who has a thorough understanding of the state and federal criminal justice systems and who will zealously defend your Constitutional and legal rights as he seeks the most favorable resolution possible in your case.

Tucson Attorney Alejandro Munoz, of the Munoz Law Firm, P.C., has 20 years of experience representing juvenile and adult clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds. To start, every arrest is carefully scrutinized to determine whether law enforcement followed legal procedure or whether your Constitutional rights were violated. Many cases involved illegal searches and seizures. This has resulted in dismissals for a significant number of clients.

As an experienced and respected lawyer in Tucson, Attorney Munoz has developed positive working relationships with prosecutors and judges. Because of this and his formidable legal skills, Attorney Munoz has often been able to resolve his clients’ cases in the most favorable manner possible, which has included dismissals, reduction of charges, favorable plea agreements, probation, diversion programs, community service and other alternatives to incarceration. In fact, only a small percentage of cases go to trial. Attorney Munoz has won many jury trials and numerous others have resulted in dismissals.

Practice Areas

Practice areas of The Munoz Law Firm, P.C., include but are not limited to:

  • DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Driving violations – reckless, careless, speeding, texting while driving, all others
  • Driver’s license matters – suspension, revocation, restoration
  • Theft offenses – retail theft, burglary, buying and selling stolen property, all others
  • Drug charges – possession, sales, trafficking, manufacturing, controlled substances, paraphernalia
  • Violent crimes – murder, assault, battery, aggravated assault, etc.
  • White collar crimes – embezzlement, forgery, fraud, money laundering
  • Domestic violence – violence within the family and relationships
  • Weapons violations – illegal possession, sales, use
  • Sex offenses – rape, statutory rape (illegal underage sex), prostitution, solicitation, etc.
  • Juvenile issues – all juvenile crimes and matters
  • Probation matters – violation of probation, probation hearings, etc.
  • All others – whether listed above or not – speak to Attorney Munoz

The Munoz Law Firm, P.C., Tucson Arizona Criminal Defense, Offers a Free Case Consultation

Attorney Munoz is available for a free consultation to discuss your case, which can be scheduled by calling 520-623-3868.